Messenger of Love. Teacher. Healer.

Brette Hamilton

RYT 200Hr Yoga Alliance
Licensed Chakradance Facilitator
Alchemical Healing Student
BA English, MA Education

“Love is the bridge between you and everything”

There are so many ways that I could define myself. My credentials and life experiences are plentiful and my heart is full of love. I am teacher, student, lover of life and knowledge, Warrior, Goddess, and Messenger of Love.

My purpose in this life is to BE LOVE which I strive to be as much as possible. My heart based passion is facilitating nourishing and love based offerings to those who are looking to recharge, rebalance, and reconnect in sacred circles. I love bringing people to their light through the practice of Heart Breath, Yoga, Guided Meditation and Chakradance. My love of earth medicine adds to my offerings as there is an abundance of nourishment and healing available to us naturally.

I lovingly provide a sacred space that supports, heals, and journeys deep into the soul. My own journey has shown me repeatedly that taking time to recharge and refill is mandatory in our mission of service. Only when our cups are full are we truly able to give to others from the overflow. Making self-care a priority is the only way up, so my gift to you is sharing a variety of practices and resources that nourish, uplift and empower us into our highest divine state. Now is the best time to start treating ourselves with the same love and care as we would for a cherished loved one.

The Journey

I currently find myself at a stage in my journey that I never could have imagined. A time of deep transformation and healing that feels like coming apart and together at the same time. There is much healing of trauma within me and outside of me. It is a time to be still, gentle and mainly to honor the journey we are having. No two individuals will have the same journey, so we must be humble in every step we take and honor those around us too.

Coming together to share a nurturing, uplifting practice seems to make the most sense at a time like this. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, it’s just important that you consciously begin to commit to your own vital self care and make it a priority that nourishes and lifts you.

When we have proper rest, nutrition and daily practices that uplift, heal and nourish, we are able to access our inner light and live to our highest potential. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

It is truly important to stay in our light, practice a balanced lifestyle and be mindful to stay in the company of those who are loving and supportive.

We must remember the deep truth that breath is life. We come into the world with our first breath and leave with our last. Truly it is the life force that determines our existence. It fills us with life and when we dare to breathe deep enough, we connect with our soul and life becomes a series of gentle inhales and exhales. We breathe in love and breathe out anything that is not love.

Will you breathe with me? Let us rise together.


Healing Horse Yoga, Cherry Grove Stables

“Brette is a great yoga teacher. She has such a calming voice and beautiful smile. I always feel great after a class with her. I would highly recommend a yoga class with her.”